James Butler


looking for a way to clear your mind so you can live and work in a calmer, more effective, and more responsive way?

facing a heavy workload, strung out, fraught, and overstretched?

Or perhaps you’re retired and at a loss as to how to make the most of yourself in a new life.

Or perhaps you’re often in pain or discomfort.

If so, then I can help you make more sense of all that.

My name is James Butler and my business is Expanding Self.

I will teach you to do whatever you do more efficiently, effectively and comfortably, both awake and asleep, and without the pain and excess tension suffered by so many people.

My teaching is based on the discoveries of F. M. Alexander and the Alexander Technique.

The natural poise and balance that we enjoyed as children are often “lost” through sheer hard work and everyday activities – whether that be performing, rushing to appointments, driving a car, sitting at an office desk, or using a computer keyboard, to name just a few.

The habitual way we carry out these very familiar activities is so often the cause of stress, discomfort and pain. The effects are insidious and often creep up on us subconsciously, and have a gradual and cumulative effect.

I am here to show you how to rediscover that freedom, well-being and poise in all that you do.

The potential to expand is within us all. And as we expand, other things start to change…

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I look forward to hearing from you!