One way and another, I have been a singer since I was a boy. As I grew up I developed a keen interest in singing; and even though my careers took me in very different directions, I continued to educate myself musically.

About 30 years ago, I decided that singing in an amateur choir suited me much better than amateur operatic performance, leaving more time to pursue a busy career as a Chartered Surveyor and then more recently as an Alexander teacher.

So that is what I did, and I have been singing with the same choir since 1992. It has been a challenging and exciting time, performing a wide variety of music, mostly in Britain, but also in France, Germany and Russia, together with many wonderful soloists, and orchestras.

Nowadays, I enjoy teaching Alexander’s discovery to singers. It is a world that I understand and in which I feel very much at home. But it was only after completing several years training in this technique that I discovered just how little I had previously known about my “singing body” and how it all worked – and that despite having learned a great deal from singing teachers and choral workshops over many years.

I have found that, by applying the principles of Alexander’s method, I can now sing, move, stand and sit with greater ease and freedom – and furthermore, with better voice and no pain.

I do of course teach those who are not singers. For example, a lady who came to me with a totally unrelated problem, mentioned in passing that she was tone deaf, despite having a good appreciation of music generally. And she wanted to sing. So we worked on this and together managed to achieve a great deal, to the extent that she now sings with great pleasure and success in a community choir.

I have also taught several musicians, one of whom recently qualified as a music therapist – not that I claim any credit for that!

I offer group sessions for singers, on several levels, and also one to one sessions in Tiverton, Devon.

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