Many people come to have lessons in the Alexander Technique because of back pain, sciatica, poor posture, repetitive strain injury and all sorts of other reasons.

Rather than curing anyone, my job as an Alexander teacher is to educate my students to use more effectively and efficiently their whole selves – their whole mind-body mechanism.

Through this re-education process, we discover that we have choices – and more control over the way we use ourselves.

And by that means, many of the aches and pains are greatly relieved and sometimes disappear altogether.

But more importantly, we learn to use our thinking to change the way we do everything.

And that is truly life changing!

And more than 120 years on, we find that Alexander’s Discovery is more relevant in today’s world than it ever was. We are surrounded with modern science, technology, travel and communication. Whether that be sitting at a work station, working on a tablet computer, using a smart phone, driving a car, or watching the TV sitting in a deep sofa,  – it is more difficult than ever to use ourselves well,

Letting Go

Learning to trust the process of learning the Alexander Technique is a real challenge for most people. It’s entirely normal, when first we start learning, that we do not feel as though anything is happening at all, so we need to invest in learning time so that necessary changes can take place.

Employing that trust is a huge step towards learning to apply the principles of Alexander’s discovery.

By the indirect process of preventing and getting out of the way of our misdirected use, the whole body is usually able to sort itself out and to operate as it should do – and that always results in much better use.

The concept sounds so simple – and really it is. But like learning to drive a car, learning to trust the process takes time.


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